Xcelsius updating data

17 Feb

The right table is the actual output as viewed at runtime in the dashboard.This limitation can make working with Qaa WS more cumbersome and less appealing.It has a set of key dashboard visualization widgets including charts, graphs, trends, signals, gauges etc. Xcelsius dashboards can be deployed in various manners and has several usage scenarios with typically both individual and large groups of consumers for a particular dashboard.One of the most important areas is the data connectivity features of the product.Updating the SWF via XML is OK when only updating 2 columns, but extend the arrray and this also grows (exponentially it seems).

Plus I had hours to kill in the airport while waiting to return to the East Coast.Can I just ask you all for a bit of feedback on the sizes of the Xcelsius implementations you've developed.I am having a real problem with what appears to be the scalability of the various components which make an Xcelsius dashboard. XLS model which has a raw pre-aggregated dataset of about 5000 rows by 25 columns (Current YTD monthly trend, Previous Year monthly trend, etc).This mini series talks in some detail about various connectivity mechanisms.Here I will talk about Flynet Services, a third party component which comes free as an express edition along with Xcelsius Engage and Enterprise licensed media. NET web services generator, (WSDL ASMX) which in usual circumstances is not a popular skill set among dashboard designers.