Who is donald young dating

07 Mar

Therefore by their fruits you will know them."Fruits really points to their behavior and actions.So, what do we know about President Trump and worship?

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Prominent faith leader James Dobson called the president "a baby Christian." Several pastors have agreed that President Trump is a young Christian. Jesus Christ wisely explains how to identify a Christian in Matthew 7: 18, 20, which reads, "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.

People have reported that President Trump will often stop for prayer, or to discuss spiritual matters.

At the very least, we can comfortably call President Trump a seeker (a person who intelligently wants to examine Christianity for himself or herself).

A new survey has revealed a majority of young women in America have a negative view of Ivanka Trump.

The Survey Monkey poll found President Donald Trump’s daughter, who has recently been appointed as an unpaid White House advisor, is substantially more popular among women who are over 34 than she is among young woman.