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14 Mar

You can read the transcript at any stage if you want. You should take a break some time, come and play football with me! There are plenty of characters that feature in this series; from plenty of allies and powerful enemies, to many foes and deceiving friends.From epic fight scenes, to mesmerizing visuals and astonishing narrative, this show has it all.Kwon Yool (Lee Beom Soo) is the prime minister of Korea, but he also is a single father to his three children.Although he is supremely confident in his job, his home life is in complete disarray. Olivia: Because Harry and Magda are both friends of mine as well, and right now I’m waiting for both of them they are! After looking in the dictionary, if it's still not clear to you what these mean in context, please tell us your best guess and we can help you understand them better.

Barry, played by Grant Gustin, is a crime scene investigator, who investigates mysterious cases and other cases of sinister nature.World Series of Dating is a reality and scripted comedy series which attempts to turn dating into a competitive sport.Four women have to decide whether the single men sent their way should be buzzed out of the game, with only one men able to make it through to the final. This week, Syfy released the first episode of their new TV series online two weeks ahead of its on-air debut.Do the vocabulary activity below before you listen.