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22 Feb

The Accept request-header field can be used to specify certain media types which are acceptable for the response.

Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems Installation date: β€Ž7/β€Ž4/β€Ž2013 PM Installation status: Failed Error details: Code 80070002 Update type: Important Update for Microsoft .

In many cases the Content Type may be in use with real content.

However, in the instance where you are prototyping something and delete the list where you were using the Content Type, you know that it’s not in use anymore, right?

When the shared configuration check box is enabled, the UI updates the redirection.config file with the path and username.

While this task can be performed manually (or programmatically) by xcopying the files and updating the redirection.config file, the server administrator must export and import the encryption keys unless they intend not to use encryption.