Updating contact indexes

16 May

So what if your indexes are becoming fragmented on a regular basis due to regular activity? It is on a column you update -- moving the index entry from place to place in the index.

This characteristics make B-Tree indexes very useful for speeding searches in OLTP applications, when you are working with very small data sets at a time, most queries filter by ID, and you want good concurrent performance.

Bitmap indexes are mostly used in data warehouse applications, where the database is read only except for the ETL processes, and you usually need to execute complex queries against a star schema, where bitmap indexes can speed up filtering based on conditions in your dimension tables, which do not usually have too many distinct values.

A while ago I tried to update some of our CRM organizations to the latest version of 0.1 and faced some troubles.

This answer is really just a long way to say: Yes, you should do routine index maintenance, but only on the indexes that need it. Tom Kyte, in this classic Ask Tom thread, recommends: The time lag between index rebuilds should be approximately FOREVER. Don't know how to say it better -- the index wants to be big and fat with extra space.In this article we will look at the history of these investment vehicles.The stock market's reputation has seen highs and lows throughout its history.If an index is between 10% and 30% fragmented, I will .Remember though that a rebuild only updates the statistics object directly associated with the index.