Updating canadian citizenship card

09 Apr

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States generally adopt the standard created by the NCHS and sometimes add additional questions. S.-born children of foreign diplomats is not one the agency has discussed. Within hours of a child’s birth it is standard for new parents to fill out forms to request both a birth certificate and SSN for the newborn. It does not appear that any state vital statistics offices require hospitals within their jurisdiction to make an inquiry into whether or not a new parent is employed as a foreign diplomat.

A passport serves as evidence of citizenship and is easier to carry around than a Certificate of Naturalization.

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Evidence of this is a letter which confirms that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has determined that he/she is eligible for immigration to Canada or meets the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent resident status in Canada.

This Backgrounder illustrates how all entities involved in the birthright citizenship process — (1) the National Center for Health Statistics; (2) hospitals and state health agencies; (3) the Social Security Administration; (4) the Department of State; and (5) U. Citizenship and Immigration Services — are failing to prevent grants of U. citizenship to children born to foreign diplomats, effectively erasing the limiting language found in the 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause. National Center for Health Statistics Has Not Addressed Births to Diplomats. However, state vital statistics offices are not involved in the birthright citizenship policy debate.

The National Center for Health Statistics’ (NCHS) Division of Vital Statistics is a federal agency under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is responsible for standardizing birth certificate issuance. State Health Agencies Do Not Direct Hospitals to Inquire about Diplomatic Status. For these agencies, the issuance of birth certificates to newborns is formulaic and apolitical, and they direct hospitals within the state to treat birth certificate issuance as such.

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