Triond earnings not updating

15 Mar

Positive attitude - this is a job/business that requires patience and dedication.4.

If you’re trying to earn money online by writing, then it can be a little confusing trying to decide where you should start.

The more “friends” you have, the greater your earnings potential.

This is because the majority of traffic comes from within the site rather than from the search engines, and making friends on Triond means that you have entered into a silent agreement to swap reads (in order to make money).

I’m not too keen on the idea of reading sub-par material in order to earn ¼ of a cent in return, which brings me to the rate of return for Triond articles. Because Triond utilizes several different websites, articles are published (by Triond’s computer) onto the website that is most relevant to your content.

Triond is a syndicating blogging plat form to earn money by writing articles.

Here, you can submit the small articles and big articles.

The Chitka option here is bit confusing, like other related earning sites where you will have to put your Chitka use id but here the Chitka is used as premium option and that too from Triond itself so you should not be bothering about creating your account with Chitka and put the user name.

What is great with Triond is the sheer amount of analytics it is giving in its front page as well as in its subsequent pages.