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04 Apr

She presented humourous scenarios and characters to explain the plights of some Trans* women, while doing so in a relatable manner for me, as a Trans* woman.

All of these projects demonstrate SOY’s commitment to meeting changing community needs and youth interests.SHIFT SOY's photography project, in partnership with Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, was for youth interested in learning about photography, camera operation, darkroom printing, and creative expression.SHIFT workshops were designed to teach participants the photographic skills necessary for exploring their own artistic pursuits.Cole identifies as genderqueer, a term for people who see themselves not as male or female, but as somewhere in between.The term first appeared in 1995 in the radical queer newsletter “The fight against gender oppression,” wrote its editor, Riki Anne Wilchins, “is about all of us who are genderqueer…those of us whose gender expressions are so complex they haven’t even been named yet.” Twenty years later, rigid gender boundaries are dissolving, and the so-called genderqueer movement is inching into the mainstream: non-binary people are protected legally in Ontario under human rights legislation, and most queer community groups recognize them.