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04 May

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The same driver could be involved in an accident later.

“Loving someone else is the easiest thing to do, trusting them completely the dumbest and expecting the very same reaction from them childish. She reminded me a bit of Cindy in that she was also a frank talker and did not mince her words. She had a gap in her teeth which I always liked and fortunately she was forever smiling.

He dubs the cause to be the fact that JMPD is enriching private companies and chasing revenue: He explained that the number of speeding fines is high because “JMPD is more interested in making money than reducing road incidents.

When JMPD chief Zwelibanzi Nyanda told the public protector that, if traffic fine revenue declined in Joburg, it would affect rates and taxes, it became clear that JMPD is more concerned about money than reducing incidents on the road,” he said.

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Millions of fines are issued each year, according to the Road Traffic Infringement Agency’s annual report for 2014/2015.

Over the past year alone roughly 6 million fines were issued in Gauteng. Contrary to this thought, Howard Dembovsky of the Justice Project South Africa commented that the number of speeding fines in Johannesburg increases every year.

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