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21 Feb

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However, the couple recently parted ways and Young has since stepped down as a member of her backing band, although Caillat insists the break-up was amicable.Today we shine our spotlight on the newly engaged Colbie Caillat, who sings about falling in love in her brand new release, "Goldmine."Composed by Caillat and three collaborators, "Goldmine" captures the elation of finding the perfect soulmate.magazine described "Goldmine" as "a sunny number that's liable to have you whistling along in glee."Caillat sings, "Fly me back to the moon where you took me / The very first time that you kissed me / In the sweet starlight of your endless eyes when you lit this fire / Feels like we're sitting on top of a goldmine / Flame so bright that it won't die / In a billion years it'll still be here 'cause our love is a goldmine / Yeah, our love is a goldmine.""Goldmine" is the second track on Caillat's new album, magazine that "Goldmine," which was originally penned by Taylor Berrett, was passed along to her by a mutual friend, Kara Dio Guardi."Within three minutes of hearing [Berrett's] idea I was singing it on repeat," she told . Melissa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her happy family life wife husband, fellow soap star Scott Reeves, and their two children: Emily, 21, and Larry, 16. not only helpful, but entertaining…” is filled with cast secrets on how they achieve balance while inspiring readers to do the same.