Shinhwa members dating

27 Mar

Before releasing the statement I had long talks with Shinwa members and I believe that only by handling our marriage matters well can we build a long lasting Shinwa.

As the leader I am actually relieved to be the one shouldering the brunt of the angry responses.

Jonghyun, por ejemplo, prestó su voz en un dueto con Liyin Zhang en "Wrongly Given Love" (chino: 交错的爱, pinyin: Jiāocuò de ài), que fue grabado en el primer álbum chino de Zhang Liyin.

2016 brought us some of the most iconic rookie stars, such as ASTRO, I. BONUSbaby was the first rookie group to debut in the year 2017.

It appears that 2017 has no intention of backing down, because over 15 new K-Pop groups and idols are already getting ready to debut in the upcoming year – that’s not counting those who have yet to reveal themselves!

The first tattoo is drawn on his right hip with the words “Like father, like son, like master, like man”.

Fans assume that it’s a tribute to his controversial father, who was caught up in an embezzlement scandal.