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31 Mar

You could destroy your kids.”Adam’s allegation that Mr.

Schacter was a sexual predator was not new to police and certainly not to many in Toronto’s Orthodox Jewish community.

Find your self--and lose your addiction Overcoming a sex addiction isn't about willpower--it's about getting help to find out what's causing the addiction and change it.

Psychotherapy for a sexual addiction doesn't just solve the obvious problem--it also makes life richer and happier.

The new house was his prize for all he’d accomplished, a way to show the world what he could do for his family.

Growing up, I was provided with unconditional love and support.

One of history's single biggest busts of online sexual predators took place in 2007 - and Canadian police work was critical to the success of the operation.

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Joe Schacter, he said, had coached him into performing sex acts for three years of his childhood.In 1992, when I was seven, we moved to a sprawling Edwardian house in Rosedale, effectively upgrading from middle class to nouveau riche.My father had risen from a working-class childhood in Montreal to the upper echelons of Bay Street finance.In the summers, we rented a cottage in Muskoka, where we built teepees and chased frogs.One year, knowing how much I loved acting and tap dancing, my parents sent me to an elite arts camp in the Catskills.