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Salada tea is in sucd demand, especially so during the summer months.

- before joining the jumble of cute boys sitting on the floor, drinking tea, eating spaghetti, and sharing photos from a recent "glamping" (glam camping) trip.

Boche ruffles his boyfriend's hair - they share this apartment with a friend - as he tells me how they met.

Unlike Mauritania, Sudan, and Northern Nigeria, Ethiopia doesn't mandate the death penalty for same-sex sexual acts, but thanks to draconian laws that forbid activism while allowing Western evangelicals to promote homophobia, Ethiopia is on track to join their ranks.

Ethiopia's anti-terrorism law allows the government to hand down 20-year sentences to anyone who "writes, edits, prints, publishes, publicizes, [or] disseminates" statements that the government considers terrorism - meaning, essentially, that the police can search and arrest anyone they please, from reporters to activists, without a warrant.