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11 Feb

Fraternities at Miami fortunately have the privilege of a weekend get away for their annual spring formals. Each fraternity guy gets to ask one lucky lady to formal for what they hope to be a rowdy weekend away from school.As a senior, I have been to three formals over the past three years.

The ratio of number of residents in Hamilton to the number of sex offenders is 339 to 1. ring finger, web on lt hand-4 dots);tattoo on r_arm (cross);scar on (lt.

Take your sand paper and smoother over the entire cooler until it’s essentially as smooth as your recently shaved legs.

Exhausting it may be, but it’ll make a huge difference in making your paint last.

Step 2: Primer Now that your cooler is smooth, it’s time to spray it completely with a coat of primer.

I recommend using white spray paint that is both paint and primer (found at the local Walmart), made to adhere to plastic.