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22 May

But on those big nights where anything can happen, try your best to somehow still find her vaguely attractive when she's straddling the giant Rhino on K3 singing 'Show Me Love' with 241 Smirn Offs in her hand.6.

Daniel Craig is pretty much the only sexy famous man who's come from around her neighbourhood.

And nearly everyone you meet claims to have seen him in B&Q for some reason.

Paul Hollywood is also from around these parts, but he doesn't really count, does he? The only thing she'll want to do in summer is go straight to Parkgate. You think you've had ice cream and fish and chips before, but you've never had them quite like this.

For everything you need to know before you get started see the FAQs and review the Rules and Regulations, which all players agree to adhere to when playing in the leagues.

From the beginning he took a distinctive path: while other pioneers in the field were investigating media's political economy or ideological representations, Silverstone's first book, The Message of Television (1981), based on his thesis, analysed the broader narrative patterns underlying television's story-telling power, drawing on anthropological and literary theory in a way whose prescience has only recently become clear.If you have been meaning to get back into tennis or would like to meet new people to play, why not give it a go! From the dates above, choose your round and click on the Join By link.Every player who completes three matches by the midway point of any round is sent a FREE can of tennis balls!Later, the Mersey Railway connected Birkenhead and Liverpool, with the world's first tunnel beneath a tidal estuary.Birkenhead is perhaps best known for the shipbuilding of Cammell Laird, and for the town's seaport.