Self consolidating concrete slump

16 May

The slump flow test, using the traditional slump cone, is the most common field test and is in the process of being standardized by ASTM.

The slump cone is completely filled without consolidation, the cone lifted, and the spread of the concrete measured.

It gives no indication of the ability of the concrete to pass between reinforcement without booking, but may give some indication of resistance to segregation.

It can be argued that the completely free flow, unrestrained by any foundries, is not representative of what happens in concrete construction, but the test can be profitably be used to assess the consistency of supply of supply of ready-mixed concrete to a site from load to load. 1: Accessories for Flow cone Flow table Slump test Fig.

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Abstract This specification covers ready-mixed concrete manufactured and delivered to a purchaser in freshly mixed and unhardened state as hereinafter specified.Requirements for quality of concrete shall be either as hereinafter specified or as specified by the purchase.In any case where the requirements of the purchaser differ from these in this specification, the purchaser's specification shall govern.The VSI is established based on whether bleed water is observed at the leading edge of the spreading concrete, or if aggregates pile at the center.VSI values range from 0 for “highly stable” to 3 for unacceptable stability.