Ryan tedder dating katharine mcphee

04 Mar

It doesn’t seem possible, but it really has been six years since hundreds of thousands of ‘American Idol‘ fans caught a Mc Pheever for Katharine Mc Phee — and although she’s released a handful of albums since finishing her tenure as a contestant on the show, it’s her co-starring role on NBC’s ‘Smash‘ that has people talking about a comeback for the 27-year-old singer/actress.

Now you can hear a quick example of what all the buzz is about.

Stranger Than Fiction Produced by: Smith Carlson Written by: Ryan Tedder, Smith Carlson, Katharine Mc Phee, and Ali Tamposi 5.

Lick My Lips Produced by: Isabella ‘Isa Machine’ Summers Additional Production by: Sam Sparro and Jon Castelli Written by: Marcus Miller, Luther Vandross, Isabella Summers, and Sam Sparro 6.

The is set to hit stores on September 18, and you can check out the full track list, along with production and writing credits, right now!“People say it’s my 4th studio record, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s kind of like my first real record that I feel really proud of the whole body of work.” “I’m really excited about the whole body of work to be honest.One of my favorite songs, is a song called “.” Yeah, I am pretty excited about the body of it! Hysteria Produced by: Isabella ‘Isa Machine’ Summers Written by: Isabella Summers, Katharine Mc Phee, and Kelly Sheehan 2. Katharine s latest album, Hysteria, represents a huge transition for her as an artist as she has immersed herself in every creative element, from the conception of the song to the melody, lyrics, production, and more. She also played an integral role in NBC s hit series Smash, - where she starred opposite Debra Messing - executive produced by Steven Spielberg.