Roaming profiles not updating windows 7

01 May

This data is then copied back to the user’s %USERPROFILE% area at logon to ensure a consistent user experience across sessions and devices.

To avoid problems with large files or large numbers of files, the roaming profile is often combined with Folder Redirection, allowing certain pertinent folders within the profile (usually My Documents, Pictures, and Videos) to be “redirected” permanently onto the network, avoiding the need for copying these particular folders at logon and logoff.

The result is that icons on the desktop which are deleted or updated are overwritten by those stored on the workstation, but new items are stored to the server correctly.

I have looked at the permissions on the workstation and the user has full control of the folders in use.

After going back to Vista for the past month and a half, I finally decided to dual boot Vista Business and Windows 7 RC to see if I still had the same problem.

Initially, it seemed that the problem was still there, my roaming profile would not save to the server. I am not sure if it was the Microsoft update that fixed it or what, but it is fixed and Windows 7 is updating my roaming profile.

In particular on page 22 of the Word document, there is a screenshot of the Group Policy, and puts in perspective what can be made roaming, or not. Let me say one more thing to make it clear: Anything you change in those GP setting on page 22 gets written to your user's registry to show it where to point and find it on the centralize location, and initially anything local gets copied over.

A roaming profile is basically when an active directory users profiles is stored in a centralized location.

Anyone else using roaming profiles with Windows 7 and having issues?

I checked the error log and there was a 1504 event that stated the roaming profile could not be saved to the server and the event told me to look at previous events to find out the reason why, except there were no previous events that were even slightly related.

Well, to tell the truth there were registry unloading issues because of Defender, but after I disabled the Defender service, the 1504 event was still there every time I logged off.

It rapidly became a crowded space, with other vendors – such as RES, App Sense, Liquidware Labs, Scense and many others – extending, augmenting, or even outright replacing the traditional roaming profile functionality.

A roaming profile basically allows you to copy the user-based filesystem and HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry hive to a defined network location at logoff (usually a user’s home drive area or a dedicated profiles share).