Pink sofa lesbian dating

27 Jan

We do not knowingly list groups or organisations who discriminate against trans people.

Pink Sofa is a great place for women to meet each other.

Want to meet other women, or get some local support?

Below are some useful links to organisations, venues and events that may be of use to lesbian and bisexual women in Greater Manchester.

These are thorny 'issues' you need to find out about before you become emotionally involved.

Lastly, don't forget that a clean criminal background check today is not an excuse to 'let your guard down' as women with severe personality problems or behaviors are often adept at hiding them until after they have their 'hooks' in you and it's hard for you to leave.

This is the time of year you are most likely to join a dating site, or renew an existing membership.

So, before you sign up or sign on again, I want you to take a few minutes today to consider the topic of online dating safety: lest you think you can't fall into this modern day love trap!

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Hold various events in the area as well as offering support, news and information. Friends Together - provide social events that are relaxed and friendly. Free to be you - Mutual LGBTQ support group offering members somewhere they can feel safe and express their identity and a place where they can meet new people and share information, advice and personal experiences in confidence Day Resource Centre, Bedford Health Village, 3 Kimbolton Road, Bedford, MK40 2NT Diva Direct - the best in lesbian shopping online Kenric - the largest, longest established national lesbian private membership organisation in the UK.

Contact Helen at [email protected] or join the group online at Bedfordshire Dinner Ladies - A social Meet Up group for the local Lesbian community.

New monthly gay night at The Orient pub (Lamb & Flag) starting on 1st Febuary 2008. Women's Group - social group for lesbian and bi women based in Bedford.

Sometimes when you come across a site it strikes you as something just a little bit different and that’s the reaction I had when I first visited Pink

This is a site designed by a lesbian woman for lesbian women and as a result it’s a site that will make you comfortable and at home.