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08 May

However, I do think that paralleling the idea of the zodiac signs, there are certain professions that are more likely to “mesh,” if you will, in the dating scene.Being that I’m in my mid 20’s and unmarried, I have had the opportunity to date a plethora of gentlemen, some more favorable than others, and have decided that a new criteria that I seek out involves occupation.I’ve never held much validity to the concept of seeking out potential dating prospects based on compatibility of zodiac sign or Chinese calendar symbol.

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Nancy gained the trust of one of her guards, got his weapon from him, shot him and escaped.

Florena Budwin, wife of a Pennsylvania soldier of the Civil War disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the Union Army to be near her husband. She remained at the prison to care for Union soldiers, finally dying of illness in 1865. She spied so well for the Confederacy that Jefferson Davis credited her with winning the battle of Manassas.

And we would like to think that the people we’re entrusting our health to will always have our best interests at heart.

But the frightening reality is that, on some rare occasions, this has not always been the case.