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Stella, a surreal 2005 Comedy Central sitcom from Wain and frequent collaborators Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black, suffered a darker fate, lasting all of 10 episodes — and then, in keeping with Wain tradition, spawning a live show that still tours the country sporadically.

(His current Adult Swim series with Rob Corddry, Childrens Hospital, is something of an anomaly within the Wain canon, approaching its seventh season with several Emmy nominations, critical plaudits, and solid viewership, though it, too, took a few years to find its late-night audience.) Despite starring the Rudds and the Anistons and the Poehlers of the world, films like 2007’s The Ten, 2012’s Wanderlust, and 2014’s They Came Together pulled in relatively paltry sums, but served to cement Wain’s status as a cult hero, a cipher for the misfits and the misunderstood.

Everyone agrees: Rudd raises each film he is in, regardless of his role’s size, into something worth checking out.

Along with Jason Schwartzman, Jack Black and Justin Long playing Ringo, Paul and George, Rudd’s on-the-nose role as John Lennon is a trippy insanity that parodies The Beatles and makes for one of the best cameos in recent film. Peter Klaven I Love You, Man It’s hard to believe that Rudd would play a character that doesn’t have any guy friends, but that’s the fate of poor Peter Klaven.

His only real mainstream hit, 2008’s Role Models, made million but confused a portion of his rabid fandom, who saw the film as watered-down Wain.

And through it all there was 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer, Wain and Showalter’s utterly demented, anarchic, pitch-perfect genre parody chronicling camper-and-counselor shenanigans on the last day at a Jewish summer camp in 1981.

When he meets Jason Segel’s Sydney Fife, he starts a bromance that even gets in the way of his upcoming marriage. Wally Worthington/Hunt Romeo Juliet/The Cider House Rules/Diggers (aka The Serious Rudd Trio) While Rudd is most well known for his comedy roles, Rudd has shown his chops at dramatic acting in several great roles.

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When he gets out of jail he finds out that his girlfriend has a new boyfriend and subsequently doesn't want him moving back in with her.Rudd has also been in constant demand for movie roles for the last ten years.Rudd’s Hollywood career gradually built momentum and he has the chance to reinvent himself as a star if Ant-Man is a huge hit for Marvel.This peculiar but consistent pattern — which Wain himself appreciates, as it allows him to fly under the radar while following his bizarre muse — can be credited, in part, to his singular brand of comedy, a sort of straight-faced absurdism that roundly rejects logic and continuity, embraces chaos and joke repetition, and vastly improves upon repeat consumption.That pattern was first established with The State, an alt sketch-comedy series featuring Wain and his NYU improv group that ran from 1993 to 1995 on MTV, reaped reviews like, “It’s so terrible it deserves to be studied,” died on the table after a sloppy transplant to CBS, and is now hailed as a comedic masterpiece.