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13 May

He joked that now they have a child he ‘pretends’ to have work – on shows such as on the upcoming second series of quiz show Debatable – so that he can have the luxury of taking long-haul flights, over to the UK from where the pair live in the US, on his own.

He said: ‘I come on shows like this just to prove that I’ve been here, so just to be on a long-haul flight with four gin and tonics and a Disney movie, have a little cry and a sleep.’ So this whole thing was just a ruse hey Patrick?

The show returned on 15 October 2010 targeting Davina Mc Call.

After a series of failed attempts by various broadcasters over the years, it is the first adaptation of the American comedy institution of roasting to be produced as a television show in Britain. Hosted by Jimmy Carr it saw Bruce Forsyth, Sharon Osbourne and Chris Tarrant get roasted by various colleagues, comedians and celebrities.

Then a kid [comes along] and you're number two, then a dog you're number three, and you spend your life going down the pecking order." The first-time dad said that he even takes on jobs to have a break from his family life.

"What I do now we have a small child, I pretend I have work so I can be on a long-haul flight on my own," said Patrick.

"I broke the rule of don't get your money where you get your honey," he said.

"But we went there and what's good about it is whenever you're with one someone who's a mate to start with, you don't have to go through all that awkward dating. " host has previously admitted that it would take a lot for her to return to the UK.