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11 Apr

We believe in social justice and work to improve and enhance systems to better serve victims.

We understand that sexual violence is a deeply rooted community problem.

And that offence would apply both to sex workers and those who seek their services, though there may be some flexibility in how this is applied.

The draft bill, C-36, also makes pimping illegal and prohibits advertisements about sexual services for sale but exempts sex workers from being prosecuted for advertising their own services.

After the loss of her long-time boyfriend, a writer, she seeks refuge on a quiet, secluded Mediterranean island. It features lots of 'what-if' themes and the story is being rewritten in the characters mind, also with lots of symbolism, mainly with the moon and the water.

There, bathed in an atmosphere of fresh air and dazzling sun, Lucía begins to discover the dark corners of her past relationship, as if they were forbidden passages of a novel which the author now, from afar, allows her to read. But she was conceived on a beach, on an island, a night like tonight, with a stranger from Madrid. If you write this well, it'll be the story of your life. See more » Yo Marco el Minuto (Dive Mix) Performed by Mala Rodríguez (Mala Rodríguez (as Rodríguez) - Riba) (c) Warner Chappell Music Spain, S. It doesn't make this the most accessible movie but then again, you don't ever have to watch an European movie for its accessibility.

The issue’s sudden prominence during the past several months stems from a decision of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts last November to grant same-sex couples full civil marriage.In December of 1990, Genora Dancel and Ninia Baehr, a lesbian couple from Honolulu, applied for and were denied a license to marry. Conservative religious groups poured money into the state and eventually helped pass an amendment to its constitution declaring marriage an exclusively heterosexual institution. Article IV of the United States Constitution establishes that “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.” This is the reason that a couple married in New York can fly to California and still legally be husband and wife when they land.They decided to file suit against the state for discrimination. Worried that other states might one day extend marriage rights to same-sex couples, conservatives in Congress introduced the Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman for the purposes of all federal law, from taxes to Social Security, and released the states from any constitutional obligation to recognize same-sex marriages that might be performed elsewhere.We embrace and value diversity in our staff, board, and volunteers.As an organization that supports inclusion, we utilize the unique talents of all people.