Iphone app store not updating applications

10 May

If you run into an empty Updates section of the App Store despite knowing with certainty that updates are available to your installed apps, try one of the two following solutions to resolve the problem and to download the newest versions of the apps in question.Sometimes sending the date into the distant future and then setting it back will cause the App Store Updates section to refresh.If you’ve ever launched the App Store in i OS to discover the “Updates” tab is empty, but you know for certain that an app update is widely available, you may have run into a peculiar and frustrating bug within i OS.

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One of these issues is the failure to download or update apps from the App Store.By just heading over to Settings - General, you can configure the Date & Time from manual to automatic.Now try to download or update the app, and the problem should be fixed.You find and update all of your apps using the i OS App Store, and if you have updates scheduled automatically, it could be working hard on a daily basis.With all of that work, it can lose its footing from time to time and cause things not to work as they should.