Interracial dating meetup dc

28 Feb

The folks at ONYX have told me they’ve had 10 weddings in their group since it started in 2010.If you live in the area, you NEED to check them out! This is just another addition to what should be your dating repertoire.Tunde: We have members from different areas of the continent -- from West Africa, South Africa and East Africa.Specifically, we have a bunch of Ethiopians on the site.Come join us in an exciting Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon event!

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We don't permit those who are "separated" or those who are "divorcing." We will visit some of the most interesting venues throughout Maryland, DC, VA and even internationally and domestically.

And, small world that it is, I’ll be visiting the ONYX group for a “Swirling” book signing and discussion, and Ming will be the moderator–advanced notice for my ATL peeps–on September 28.

(Deets coming soon.)Just an aside, I’m SO happy to see some Atlanta ladies exercising down south.

If you are into Jazz, visiting museums/art galleries, dancing, live music, happy hour meet and greets, traveling, volunteering, health & fitness, sporting events and simply enjoying the moment, then we'd love to see you at our next meet-up. A clearly identifiable photo is mandatory to join this group (yes, that photo has to be of you - it cannot be an inanimate object like a pet or a car - or someone else's photo) 2.

Interracial couples are welcomed to join (your picture must be of you and your mate and your intro must note that you are in a relationship) 3.