Ice cream sandwich email widget not updating

28 Mar

We have been eagerly awaiting for an ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) update and we are happy to announce it is out for the Samsung Galaxy S II.The Samsung Galaxy S II has been one of the most popular handsets on the Telstra network and we hope you enjoy this update. There should be a field labelled “Android version” 5. Android 2.3.3 users: Let’s update to Android 2.3.6.We recommend to use the OTA option for updating to ICS.

By having both recording and text together, you can now easily search and find your audio notes. Speech-to-text availability The speech-to-text feature uses Google Android’s text transcription service. Also, this capability is available on version 4 of the Android Operating System (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) and some devices with version 2.2 and above.

It took only five years from the release of the first device running Android for the platform to become the most popular mobile operating system on the planet.

That rapid adoption rate has been matched by the pace of development on the operating system itself, transforming Google's OS from an awkward, if interesting, fledgling effort into the refined and feature-packed offering we see today.

To check your version of Android, simple do this from the homescreen: 1. Scroll to the bottom, there should be an “Information” symbol with the words “About Phone” next to it. Check if your version is Android 2.3.3 or Android 2.3.6 If you are using version 2.3.3, proceed to step 2. This is really simple, just update OTA (Over The Air). The first field should read “Update”, press this field.

Press the Menu button, under the bottom left hand side of the screen. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen there should be a picture of a ‘Cog’ with the word “Settings” underneath it. Please make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network as the update package will not only be quicker to download but also reduce any bill shock. To do this, simply navigate to the same section we did in Step 1. Instead of scrolling down to “Android Version”, at the very top there should be a field reading “Software Update”. You may be asked to sign up for a Samsung Kies account to download the update.