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01 Feb

The origins of Japanese horror can be traced to horror and ghost story classics of the Edo period and the Meiji period, which were known as kaidan.Elements of several of these popular folktales have been worked into the stories of modern films, especially in the traditional nature of the Japanese ghost.Never have I put anything (except perhaps the dentist's teeth apron for teeth xrays perhaps) that weighed so much.Trying to get it returned seems to take an act of congress!

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One writes: 'I bought my wedding dress online, but I am very very disappointed. I want to return the product but they don't want to give me the money back.

The more I want to run the fuck home and get away from “Jim in banking” or “Sid, the guy with a podcast,” the more guaranteed it is that I’ll hear from him moments after getting home in some “let’s do this again” text.

For anyone who knows the agony of said awkwardness, here are 25 of the worst dates ever, thanks to honest women on the Interweb.

I’d like to think we are made stronger from these wasted hours spent with someone we so immediately loathe, but truth be told, I’m not so sure.

Even more amazing is that the worse the date, the higher the chances for a follow-up call.