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Handy Festival concessions are available by calling 256-766-7642, or 256-394-8674. College Street Florence, AL 35630 256-760-6434 Ye Olde General Store 219 North Seminary street Florence, AL 35630 256-764-0601 Counts Brothers Music 713 Waverly Avenue Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 256-383-7454 Discount Dan's 1010 East Second Street Sheffield, AL 256-386-1153 The Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area is proud to support the 2016 W. MSNHA was developed to help preserve the history of the six counties in the region’s Tennessee River basin by focusing on the themes of music, Native American heritage and the river. The initiative was a tremendous success and was designated as the top project for Northwest Alabama Resource, Conservation and Development Council (RC&D) and for the State of Alabama.

T-shirts and hats can also be found at: Florence Lauderdale Tourism Office Mc Farland Park 200 Jim Spain Drive Florence, AL 35630 256-740-4141 W. Our mission is to promote cultural tourism in the region through education, preservation and conservation of heritage and culture. We help to develop and interpret visitor-ready sites, such as the W. Handy Birthplace, Museum & Library, in Florence; create living history experiences; and chronicle the evolution of the area's landscape while extending these opportunities to the largest audience possible. Our goal is to build on the success of the previous W. Handy Music Festivals by promoting the reduction of litter and waste, not only for our outdoor events, but also for indoor events.

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Handy Music Festival was named in honor of William Christopher Handy, the "Father of the Blues", who was born in 1873 in Florence, Alabama. Keeping outdoor events litter free allows us to showcase both of these assets.Don't like to brag, but I have climbed Mount Everest 30 times. The first time I climbed it, I was only ten years old. This week’s edition of the New York Times Magazine features a profile of Handey, timed with the release of his first novel, The Stench Of Honolulu.Since leaving television, Handey hasn’t kept up with the comedy scene—when Dan Kois mentions Patton Oswalt, Amy Schumer, and Key & Peele to him, Handey doesn’t have a reference point—but he’s still revered by other writers for his classical joke writing, instead of material that “smells like a joke.” Maria Semple, a former SNL and Arrested Development writer, sums up Handey’s style as “so completely free from topical references and pop culture that I feel like everyone who’s gonna make a Honey Boo Boo joke should do some penance and read Jack Handey.” There are quotes from Al Franken and other SNL vets throughout the piece, which shines a light on a writer most people think is just a fake name.