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19 May

One pair of heels with Heelusions has never taken a woman farther when it comes to style, money, protection and convenience.

Why settle for one look when you can have three, six or a dozen?

We can ensure any disagreements that arise are kept structured, fair and peaceful as possible.

When our emotions get the better of us, arguments could easily turn into angry disputes.

If there are so many people searching, why are we all still single?

If I were to say right now: “Any woman who would like to get to know me, please message me,” nothing would happen. A few might look at my profile and say, “no.” So if this is what happens in general, no wonder we are all still single. I think there are a number of reasons why online dating sites are not as helpful as they can be for people.

Here are some suggestions to make the best use of your online dating experience: 1. I often compare online dating to a gym or a set of golf clubs because online dating is a tool to help your towards a solution—it is not a solution in it of itself.

Many of the reasons singles have difficulty finding their spouse will still be an issue regardless of what “tool” they use—online dating or otherwise. Finding Opportunities Singles often make the mistake of thinking the tool is the problem or they don’t have enough opportunity.

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Women needed a stylish, affordable heel accessory that protected their shoes from wear and tear, made heels comfortable and made them go with anything.

You have some innate or natural insight into what is right and wrong, and your convictions cause you to lean strongly toward what is right. You must examine your convictions, before you ever get serious about anyone of the opposite sex.

Your convictions make your conscience sensitive to right and wrong. No doubt, if YOU have received any kind of Biblical training and teaching, you already have enough convictions to keep you out of serious trouble.

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