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22 Mar

Jednoduše by se dalo říct, že se bojím všeho, co přijde. Někdy je úzkost velká, ale někdy ji poměrně zvládám.Zatím jsem kvůli tomu psychologa nevyhledával a pokud se to nebude zhoršovat (a já doufám že ne), tak se s tím pokusím vyrovnat sama.Putin, who has often accused Western governments of meddling in Russia's affairs, supported the idea in March by hinting at alleged divided allegiances among dual citizens, saying: "We have every right to know who lives in Russia and what they do." The bill was submitted by Andrei Lugovoi, a nationalist lawmaker and former KGB officer.

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I'll make this one a sticky so nobody who comes under this new law misses it..

(Reuters) - Parliament approved legislation on Tuesday requiring Russians to declare dual citizenship or face criminal prosecution after President Vladimir Putin endorsed the measure as part of a more nationalist course taken since his annexation of Crimea.

The disagreement over Ukraine has brought relations between Russia and the West to a post-Cold War low.

The bill was supported by 429 deputies in the 450-seat State Duma lower house, with only three votes against.