Dating meetup group

20 Mar

Community Q&A Meetup gives you a great new way to be social so that you can gain new friends, develop new relationships, and meet new people who share your interests.

Meetup is a social networking site for people who like to meet others the old fashion way, face to face, instead of over the internet.

Also, even in the outdoor sports ones, it seems to be a ratio of about 80% women--great for the men, but us women are just meeting women friends, which is fine for me right now--I needed a better social life and I'm really enjoying these people.

So I'm just curious--has anyone here met a partner thru

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!The shared practices and principles of these groups were determined to not be in alignment with Meetup’s values to support local communities built on civility, respect, and mutual consent — not only towards their own members, but towards the outside community as well._________________________________ There is some good discussion on this here: It's important to note that has a "Trust and Safety" department within its organization, just like Twitter.It's an opportunity to meet lots of single women at one time. Finally, such events almost always have far more women attending than men. Most of these are related to dating events and anything related to PUA.The details are here: Here are some quotes from that policy announcement: ___________________________________ Groups primarily intended for scheduling dating events and all dating-related service offerings are no longer permitted on the Meetup platform including, but not limited to: Speed dating, date coaching, matchmaking, and date clinics.