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08 Apr

These days Sheffield is host to many hi-tech companies and even Boeing, the aircraft giant, has works at the city's new manufacturing park on the outskirts.The city has no less than two football league teams and, of course, the customary 'friendly' rivalry exists between fans of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday - although United's followers have had more to cheer lately, such as a recent FA Cup semi-final appearance.Flowers and plants are known for giving any home an effervescent and timely boost, and are relatively affordable investments.In Pretoria, in particular, our city is blessed with many flower markets bringing South Africa’s eclectically diverse flora to the insides of millions of city dwellers’ homes.There is also the remains of what Is thought to be Britain's first house which can be dated as having been erected as far back as 8000BC.Modern day Sheffield has been noted for its Steel and Knife industry. It is one of the UK's largest cities with all the conveniences you might expect from a major metropolitan city, such as excellent shopping facilities and a fantastic range of bars, restaurants and venues.Sheffield is a city in south Yorkshire with a population of 512,242.The city has a rich history and there is even evidence of cave dwellings dating back as far as 10,000-43,000BC.

This three bedroom flat is situated near to the town centre with easy access to local amenities, travel networks and motorways.

Technically multi-storey apartments are referred to as 'duplex' (or 'triplex') indicating the number of floors within the property.

Usage generally follows the British in Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong and most Commonwealth nations.

With summer kicking into full gear, as always, there’ll be lots to do in cities across South Africa’s capital over the next few months.

When you’re not out enjoying all the great activities and attractions that pull visitors from all over the world to the city, direct your attention to your rental apartment in Pretoria and give it a spruce up for summer.