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17 Mar

A discipline that focuses on the management of activities as a route to improving the value received by the customer and the profit received by providing this value.This discipline includes cost driver analysis, activity analysis, and performance measurement.

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The technologies involved have previously been associated with rapid prototyping, but when these technologies are able to directly produce parts for products, additive manufacturing is a better description.

Cisco announced 5,500 layoffs and indicated it is redirecting resources to software units, further indicating growing value of pure-play NFV software players.

Days after the social media giant introduced “Stories” format for its photo-sharing app Instagram that clones Snapchat’s popular feature, the social media giant is now testing a Facebook app that opens to a camera, encouraging users to capture and share content. A, is set to expand its footprints in Africa following the acquisition of Bharti Airtel’s subsidiaries in Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone in an acquisition estimated to be worth 0-0 million. A acquired Cellcom Telecommunications; Liberia’s leading mobile operator LTE Broadcasting will be part of 5G, but is already ubiquitous.

For example, if you own a convenience store, part of your daily market intelligence gathering would include driving around to see what competing stores are charging for gasoline or checking to see what types of products are being sold and advertised by them.

If you can find one, it could be worth thousands of dollars.) involves gathering information on a regular, ongoing basis to stay in touch with what’s happening in the marketplace.