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31 Mar

The gorgeous and talented, phenomenal Australian actress Caitlin Stasey was born in 1st May 1990 in Melbourne, Victoria to her parents, David and Sally.

She was raised in her home town with her sister Victoria. Her mother was a primary school drama teacher due to which she was influenced in acting.

Shining a light on often-taboo issues such sexuality, masturbation and puberty, she reveals she went to a Catholic school but says she 'abandoned the notion of God in the Christian sense' when she attended high school, also Catholic.

Caitlin weighs in on other controversial topics, taking a swipe at the media and stating she is 'pro pro pro SUPER PRO choice' - revealing she volunteers at a clinic that performs clinical abortions, escorting patients to the waiting room from their cars.

At the age of seven, she moved to Norwich where she spent a whole year.

At the age of ten, she travelled to different parts of world as a member of the Australian Girls Choir.

According to some rumors, Stasey and Geyer dated in July 2010 and broke up in the same month.People in India are not very well aware of her beauty, so we have decided to write the biography of Caitlin Stasey to make people aware about her in all parts of the world. At this young age she has done many movies in the Hollywood.You can easily find the information about Caitlin Stasey bio, Caitlin Stasey family, Caitlin Stasey dating, Caitlin Stasey affairs, and even Caitlin Stasey wiki in Actress Caitlin Stasey biography. She has won the million hearts from her killer looks and personality.Caitlin Stasey mother Sally is the drama teacher at the primary school at Sandringham Primary School in Melbourne.'I know it troubles people for me to refer to myself as a lesbian considering I have a male partner,' she says, adding, 'I’ve known I was mostly gay ever since I can remember... I'm happier being honest.'Caitlin, who played Karl Kennedy's step daughter Rachel Kinski in the long-standing soap, has never has never held back from expressing her views, and is a campaigner for the equality movement Free The Nipple, which aims to empower women.