Avg not updating virus database

04 Feb

The Brand name, trademark, logos , or any company names that are used in this site like Incredi Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft are of respective companies and they are only for reprsentataion purpose only. Avast automatic update is not working and when I manually download the update file and try to install it an error occours. I have installed avast today because I fear I already have an infection of some sort I did not have any antivirus before.Thanks again Alan for saving me a lot of time and trouble.I have been using this program for years now and havent seen anything bad about it, except dat sometimes updates dont want to download, but its easy to use it than other anti-viruses which are way more complicated to use and to find updates, I recommend AVG to every person with a PC @ home or schools too.

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To manually check for the latest virus Database and then download the updates A dialog box appears, showing you the progress of update process.

You will see the following notification when the update process is complete: When infected or possibly infected files are found, if the anti-virus database has been not updated for a critically long time, or your computer has not been scanned for a long time, the main window of Comodo Antivirus recommends a course of action and gives a supporting explanation.

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