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16 Apr

First, if you’ve used Avast on the same computer for 4 years or more, or you experience problems with it, you might need to revert its settings back to the defaults.This will make Avast better at automation (for example, the action was not available a few versions back) and solve upgrade-related problems. I was able to update the Avast anti-virus definitions. When I try to do it manually it keeps mentioning, "Error: can not connect to server." I use Windows XP.The Proxy settings were set at Auto detect (use Internet Explorer settings). Thanks Johnny Almighty, Ive gone through the identical scenario and then discovered yr solution. Weeks of applying and testing other suggestions, creating more problems, came to nothing.

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And the company isn’t aware of the issue though reported in their forums by users, we suggest users to stay away from installing the latest version until the issue has been acknowledged and addressed by the Avast team.You can also download your license from your Avast Account.For more information, read the following article: Can I transfer a license to another computer? If you are no longer using your Avast license on one PC, you can activate the license on another PC and use your Avast product for the remainder of the subscription period.So you don’t need to worry about protection, but only about the error.UPDATE 2: Fix has been released, Avast confirms clean installations and update will work now.