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All three films would be invited to various sections of Cannes.

Most astounding, however, was the smashing success of the low budget documentary Old Partner, about an elderly farmer and his cow, which as of May 1 was the best grossing film of the year with close to 3 million tickets sold. 5) Reviewed below: Daytime Drinking (Feb 5) -- Marine Boy (Feb 5) -- The Naked Kitchen (Feb 5) -- Handphone (Feb 19) -- Private Eye (Apr 2) -- Breathless (Apr 10) -- Thirst (Apr 30) -- Like You Know It All (May 14) -- Castaway on the Moon (May 14) -- Mother (May 28) -- A Blood Pledge (Jun 18) -- Bandhobi (Jun 25) -- Chaw (Jul 15) -- Haeundae (Jul 22) -- Possessed (Aug 12) -- The Pot (Aug 20) -- Treeless Mountain (Aug 27) -- Let the Blue River Run (Oct 8) -- Paju (Oct 28) -- A Brand New Life (Oct 29) -- Lost in the Mountains (Nov 12) -- The Actresses (Dec 10) -- Woochi (Dec 23). During a drunken mash-up with his buddies, his best friend Ki-sang (Yook Sang-yup: are these actors' names for real?

) invites him to stay at his relative's guest house (called "pension" in Korea) in the remote resort town of Jeongseon, Kangwon Province.

Joe Croll asked her to assist him with the raffle saying to her (with microphone in hand) "I like your bra".

I received a comment from a female staff member that could have been a compliment or an insult.