Andrew garfield and emma stone dating since dating emotionally immature men

30 Jan

It was in 2010, when Ema earned her first Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Olive Penderghast in Easy A.

Emma since has landed roles in other critically praised films including in the drama The Help, as well as the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love – both released in 2011.

More fans have seen this picture than her last flop, Movie 43!

Perhaps that was what prompted Emma to take promotional matters into her own hands (by matters we mean an i Phone) and snap a naked selfie of herself that “accidentally” gets leaked to the press.

She has no respect for women like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton who became famous because they released a sex tape." RUH ROH!

Well, if that tape is released, we're sure it's the classiest of affairs!

is just the title for Stone’s recent naked-selfie that has gone viral.

More food for thought…Emma has three movies set for release this year, with The Amazing Spiderman 2 set for release in May, a Woody Allen film, Magic in the Moonlight set for a July release, and an Untitled Cameron Crowe project releasing in December. Update: Since this story was submitted the author came across evidence that shows that either the photo is not Emma’s or it was taken prior to 2010: post 2010 Emma has a tattoo on her left wrist which is not present in her supposed nude selfie.

While we thank Emma’s rep for the denial, we must adhere to our intelligence by putting all the pieces of this puzzle together that clearly lead us to believe that the only thing “fake” about this naked selfie is the denial that it is Emma Stone. If you want to see the alleged naked selfie click here.

and apparently mad a super SEXY time tape when she was a young lass!

Before she let Andrew Garfield stream his white, wet webs all over her body, Emma allegedly filmed a tape a few years back of her doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel…

And the person who starred in the home made porno with the emerald-eyed lady supposedly STILL has a copy!